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Tips for Beautiful Florida Annual Flowers

What Is An Annual? An Annual is a plant that only lasts for one season. This may sound like a waste of time when deciding what to plant for Spring, but annuals can offer long-lasting blooms throughout Spring and into Summer and even into Fall for some...

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10 Tips To Ready Your Lawn For Spring

Spring is on its way! We are lucky here in Central Florida to be able to say that so soon! We may have a few more cold snaps in store, but we can start planning now for all the growth that will be coming with Springtime. Most lawns go dormant during Winter...

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Curb Appeal Landscaping Tips To Help Sell Your Home

It is important to always put your best foot forward. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and sometimes, you aren't even aware when it happens. This is especially true when selling your home. Many potential buyers will drive around...

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Types of Fire Pits: Which Is Right For You?

We may have just gotten through a cold snap here in Central Florida, but there is sure to be another right around the corner. If you are looking to add a new fire pit or replace an old one, what should you consider before just heading out to a big box...

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Patio Planning: Creating Your Outdoor Oasis

Even though it may be cold outside in Central Florida right now, it is a perfect time to start planning for that new or redesigned patio. You can enjoy a patio this coming Spring and Summer and for many years into the future. We have the benefit of...

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Great Ways to Recycle Christmas Trees

Now that Christmas is in our rear view mirrors and we are enjoying all the wonderful gifts we received, it will soon be time to take down the tree, store the ornaments and dispose of your live tree. There are many ways to recycle Christmas trees and...

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Gardening Gifts for Christmas

Picking out a nice Christmas gift for those in your life with a green thumb can be difficult. There are many cute, unique and extravagant gift options in gardening centers, small garden-themed boutiques and, of course, all over the internet. So what to do?...

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Winter Plants for Bloom and Color

Viola adds a beautiful pop of purple to your Winter landscape. Living in Central Florida definitely has its advantages! We are fortunate enough to keep our yards bursting with color all year round. There are many varieties of Winter Plants here that can...

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