Sod, Mulch & Rock

Farm-Fresh Sod and Mulch Installation

Farm-Fresh Sod

Whether you need to install a new lawn or re-sod an existing one, there is a lot more to consider than just getting through the physical process of unrolling the sod with the green side up! You have to consider factors that will affect the sodfactors such as your lifestyle, foot traffic, maintenance, exposure to shade or sunlight, and base soil condition. The correct installation process and where the sod comes from are extremely import factors in successful sodding.

Roedell’s provides expert sod preparation and delivers fresh-cut sod to your site on the morning of installation. Our goal is to provide you with a beautiful and manageable lawn for years to come.

Fresh Zoygia Sod Install Orlando

Mulch Install or Refresh

Get ready to make your beds look beautiful again while contributing to plant health!

Mulch is designed for more than just making your landscape look tidy and/or for providing ground cover. Mulchand its depthhas a big effect on the root systems of the plants in your garden beds. Plants with more delicate root systems (or those that stay close to the surface) benefit from mulch’s ability to restrain evaporation by holding more water in the ground on hot days. Mulch also helps to keep roots systems from freezing during those cold spells we get here in Central Florida. Differing varieties of mulch also provide different pest protection benefits.  As well, mulch is available in a range of colors and materials; chose one that completes the overall look and appeal of your landscape.

Rock & Stone

Roedells Rock Bed & Specialty Stone
Specialty rocks added in your landscaping provides visual interest to your garden or landscape project. Whether you’re looking to add gravel, stepping stones or boulders to your landscaping, Roedell’s Landscaping can deliver and install many different colors, sizes and shapes.

Gravelsold in a range of natural colors, shapes, and sizescan work with many landscape designs. Gravel is durable enough to cover paths, terraces and driveways, making it the perfect transitional material from house to garden.

Garden stepping stones or paths can add not only a distinct trail through a yard or garden but also a three-dimensional visual element, providing contrast from flowers, plants and sod surrounding the path.

Large rocks or boulders can be delivered and set into place to add a focal point to your project. They can also be scattered to blend into a natural setting that is peppered with plants, trees and flowers.