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Landscaping Ideas for Full Sun Yards

We have been very fortunate over the last few weeks to get some additional cooler days here in Central Florida. We all know, however, that the brutal Summer heat is on its way and will be blazing upon us in the next couple months. If you have a yard that...

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The Best Plants for Swimming Pool Landscaping

We are blessed with sunshine here in Central Florida for a large portion of the year. This means that there are a huge number of homes that include a swimming pool to enjoy during our almost year-round warm weather. Whether you have an in-ground, above...

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What Do The Numbers On Fertilizer Mean?

We have all wondered at some point what those 3 numbers mean on all those different fertilizers you can buy at the local garden center. We might have even known at one point, but it is easy to forget and then we find ourselves puzzled again when it's time...

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DIY or Lawn Treatment Service?

In today's culture, DIY is big! Everything from Do-It-Yourself arts and crafts, to home health remedies to home remodels can be done! The question though is: Does it always produce the best outcome or bang for your buck? Maybe sometimes but certainly not...

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Should I Aerate My Lawn?

What is Lawn Aeration? To aerate means to expose to air. Lawn Aeration is the process by which the surface is punctured through the turfgrass into the soil creating small holes. These small perforations, exposing soil and roots. will allow more nutrients...

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Orlando Landscaping With Boulders and Rocks

Go Bold with Boulders! Using various types of Orlando Landscaping Rock will set you apart from your neighbors and add a touch of sophistication to the design of your outdoor spaces. The addition of boulders and rocks into your landscaping can provide...

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How To Plan A Successful Landscape Design

Most of the time, our landscape evolves over time, and over that time, we begin to notice how random and unorganized things really get. As we add plants here and there, it can easily become an arbitrary mix of misplaced good intentions. When you begin...

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