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Enhance your Orlando Landscape with Rock

Rock Out Your Landscape Using various types of rock in your Orlando area landscaping will set you apart and add a touch of sophistication, art and elegance to your outside areas. The addition of rock into your landscaping can provide texture, color,...

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True Landscaping Costs and how to Save Money!

Most everyone is surprised when it comes to the cost of landscaping. The trendy and popular “reality” TV renovation shows make it look so easy. It may be shocking to realize the actual costs of a project. There are many details to consider when estimating Landscaping...

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Need To Know Landscaping Terms

Why You Need To Know Your Stuff You may not be interested in getting a degree in Horticulture, which is the art and science of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants, but, if you are planning a new landscape design, knowing some key...

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Florida Landscape Design Tips To Solve Common Problems

We have all, at times, been green with envy as we pass by homes with a lush, green, manicured yard accented by beautiful landscaping and flowers. While admiring the greener grass of neighboring homes, we are not likely to think through all the time, money...

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Types of Mulch: Which one is right for you?

When you think of mulch, you likely think of the red, shredded cypress or the chunky dark pine bark nuggets. Actually, mulch can be any opaque material that is used to cover bare soil around landscaping. This makes the types of mulch quite possibly endless. In...

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Light It Up Orlando: The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

We are very lucky to live here in Central Florida where the weather is nice a large part of the year. This means that we can spend more time outdoors than most. Adding Landscape Lighting to your home can bring a multitude of benefits for relatively low cost, with an...

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How to Hire a Landscaper and Why It Makes Sense

Does it Make Sense? Since the internet has taken over more and more of our lives and with the introduction of Pinterest, Etsy and other sites, the DO-IT-YOURSELF desire has risen in more and more people. Understandably, there is pride and accomplishment in a job well...

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